Sandbags approved by county staff as emergency measure for nine properties on Manasota and Casey keys

Residents had sought help in dealing with erosion caused by Tropical Storm Colin

An aerial view shows Manasota Key. Image from Google maps
An aerial view shows Manasota Key. Image from Google maps

Sarasota County staff has assisted a number of Manasota and Casey key residents dealing with property damage resulting from Tropical Storm Colin in early June, a senior manager in the county’s Planning and Development Services Department has reported.

In a June 30 update to County Administrator Tom Harmer, Matt Osterhoudt offered the following details about the staff outreach, which the County Commission requested following residents’ pleas to them for help during the board’s regular meeting on June 21:

  • Environmental Permitting Division staff has issued a total of four Class I emergency variances for placement of sandbags. A total of nine properties benefited from these approvals — one on Casey Key and eight on Manasota Key.
  • During the previous week, staff also received Water and Navigation Control (WNCA) applications for maintenance of existing rock revetments for four properties on North Manasota Key Road.
  • A meeting has been scheduled with the owner of one additional property on Manasota Key to review the site conditions and discuss options for shoreline management.
  • No other emergency sandbag requests had been submitted to the county as of June 30, Osterhoudt noted. “However, should there be any further requests, we will continue to respond in a timely manner and provide assistance to our citizens in need,” he wrote in his June 30 email.