SCOPE’s new website called a community resource

Organization’s Community Report Card more easily accessible, executive director says

The 'Demographics' section of the Community Report Card opens with this information on the website. Image from the SCOPE website
The ‘Demographics’ section of the Community Report Card opens with this information on the website. Image from the SCOPE website

The popular Sarasota County Community Report Card, SCOPE’s community well-being assessment, has been posted on SCOPE’s new website, SCOPE has announced.

“SCOPE is a resource for the community and we wanted a website that was a resource as well,” SCOPE Executive Director John McCarthy said in a news release. “ is much more reflective today of who we are as an organization. It is a hub of community data and a community-defined resource,” he added in the release.

“In 2015, SCOPE (Sarasota Openly Stands for Excellence) released an update of its Community Report Card through the lens of nine ‘domains of well-being’: demographics, learning, economics, health, social, civic participation, built environment, natural environment, and culture and recreation,” the news release explains.

“The full Community Report Card still remains a downloadable PDF file,” the release continues, “but the first approach is now interactive. Visitors will be able to find the data they are looking for more easily, and interact with the web-based platform by choosing the level of detail they would like to see for each community indicator,” it adds.

New College graduate, SCOPE staffer and website designer Juliana Musheyev said in the release that “in addition to the more dynamic portrayal of the data on the Community Report Card,” among new features are a community calendar for civic and community events and ways “to direct website visitors from analysis to action by listing organizations that are doing work within each of the domains of well-being.”

Any community member may suggest that his or her event be featured on the community calendar, and any service organization may make a request to be featured on the website, the release points out.

Visitors to the site will find it easier to access information, request a Road Show (community data workshop), review community archives, contribute data through polls and surveys, and find a SCOPE presentation that they may have seen just that morning, the release notes. “The responsive technology will make the website faster and easier to view on a phone, tablet or other device,” the release continues.

“The flexibility of the new website enables us to be more responsive to the changing needs of our community,” said McCarthy. “We are excited about how this site connects people and data.”

To visit SCOPE’s community data and engagement resource, go to