Sarasota County School District accepting School Choice requests through March 16

Sarasota County students who apply will not be displaced by those living outside the county

A form provides details about Sarasota County district schools. Image courtesy Sarasota County School Board

The Sarasota County District is inviting parents and guardians, from any school district in the state, whose children are not subject to a current expulsion or suspension to apply for a 2018-19 School Choice assignment to a public school identified as having available space capacity, the district has announced. Applications for School Choice will be available through Friday, March 16, a news release says.

For the first time, the district’s school choice process requires that an online application be completed, the release notes. Parents and guardians may complete and submit their online applications using a computer, tablet or cell phone. If they need assistance, parents or guardians may contact the Sarasota district’s Office of School Choice at 927-9000, Ext. 32255, the release notes.

Parents will be notified of School Choice assignments in May, the release adds.

Available seats at some schools open to School Choice may be limited to certain grade levels if those schools are near their enrollment capacity for those grades, the release explains. The complete list of schools open to School Choice is available at

Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) assignments will be determined by a random lottery process, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis, the release points out. Applicants living outside the county will not displace students living in Sarasota County who are applying for an assignment through the School Choice process, the release also notes.

Schools open to COE for 2018-19 may host open houses or other parent information events. Parents also may visit the websites of schools on the “open” list or contact those schools for more information, the release says. All school websites are accessible through the district website.

Other educational choice options — such as charter schools, magnet schools or magnet programs — do not require the completion of a school choice application, the release says. Students interested in these district options should contact the school or program of interest directly, the release adds.

Parents whose children receive their choice school through the COE process will be responsible for providing the children with transportation to and from school, the release points out.

All questions may be directed to the Office of School Choice or by visiting