Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Unit debuts its newest equine member

Roscoe a 10-year-old Belgian draft horse

Roscoe stands in the Mounted Patrol Unit’s Nokomis facility. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol Unit has debuted its newest horse, Roscoe.
A 10-year-old Belgian draft horse, Rose is approximately 18 hands tall, a news release says. (A hand equals 4 inches. A horse is measured from its withers, near the base of the neck, to the ground.) “He was acquired in March and immediately began an accelerated training regimen” with the agency’s Mounted Patrol deputies, the release adds.

“Roscoe has quickly become a natural fit within the unit,” thanks to his “calm demeanor and easy-going disposition,” the release points out. Sheriff’s Office personnel noted that they expected he soon would be assisting with increased patrols on Siesta Key during spring break, as well as with holidays and special events throughout the year.

“It is thanks to continued support from the community that we are able to keep our unit well-staffed, trained, and equipped with amazing animals,” said Special Operations Capt. Bryan Ivings in the release. “Roscoe is already a valuable asset and will be a natural leader for the other horses.”

The Mounted Patrol Unit comprises seven horses, two full-time deputies and five part-time deputies, as well as a barn technician, the release points out. Both the horses and staff work out of a recently constructed barn located in Nokomis.