‘Significant progress’ reported on improvements to Paul Thorpe Jr. Park project

Work expected to be completed by end of January

Workers install a trellis at Paul Thorpe Jr. Park in downtown Sarasota. Photo courtesy City of Sarasota

In his Jan. 10 newsletter, Sarasota City Manager Tom Barwin reported, “[W]e’re pleased to share that significant progress is being made with the planned improvements to Paul N. Thorpe Jr. Park.”

That work is the final step in the city’s Lemon Avenue Streetscape project.

The park trellis was installed last week by United States Awning “and is quite impressive,” Barwin continued. “Imagine what an attractive landmark it will be when flowering vines are growing on it!”

Additionally, Barwin noted, “Concrete will be poured soon for planter beds, oak trees will be planted on the east side of the park, and sod will be installed. With oversight by the Public Works Department, our contractor, Jon F. Swift [of Sarasota], is working hard to complete the project by the end of the month, so residents and visitors alike can enjoy strolling or sitting in the renovated park during this beautiful winter weather.”

computer animation generated in 2018 envisioned the Lemon Avenue Streetscape, Barwin pointed out. Jump to the 1-minute mark in the 2:20-minute video for the park vision, he wrote. “[S]o far the completed portions are spot on!” Barwin concluded.