Southwest corner of Luke Wood Park closed for lift station construction

Intermittent construction activity to be audible over the next six weeks, city staff says

A graphic shows the area of the park that has been closed. Image courtesy City of Sarasota
A graphic shows the area of the park that has been closed. Image courtesy City of Sarasota

The southwest corner of Luke Wood Park in Sarasota has been closed as construction crews prepare to install the second of three microtunnel shafts, the City of Sarasota announced on Nov. 14.

“The contractor will install the shaft using a vibratory hammer attached to a tall crane that forces metal sheeting into the ground,” a news release says. “The sheeting stabilizes the shaft walls for safety during microtunneling,” it adds.

To keep motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists safe, the construction site on the southeast corner of South Osprey Avenue, Mound Street and Luke Wood Park is enclosed in fencing, the release points out. “Residents’ access to the sidewalks in this vicinity is restricted,” it notes.

Luke Wood Park is still accessible, but residents should use alternate pathways around the construction, the release continues. Sidewalks will remain open on the west side of South Osprey and on the north and south sides of Mound Street. “A temporary gravel pathway will be installed near the southeast corner of Mound Street and Osprey Avenue to provide a walking surface to the permanent sidewalk,” the release adds. “This corner of the park is expected to re-open in January,” the release notes.

“Residents can expect to hear construction activity intermittently over the next six weeks,” the release points out. “The contractor will use vibration monitors near the construction zone to protect private property,” it adds. “If the monitors detect excessive vibration, the contractor will modify the construction approach,” the release notes.

Once the shafts on Osprey Avenue have been completed, the contractor will begin microtunneling under Hudson Bayou, the release says. “This phase of work is critical to the success of the Lift Station 87 project, which will replace Lift Station 7,” located at 935 Pomelo Ave., the release stresses. After the entire project has been completed, wastewater flow will be redirected from Lift Station 7 to Lift Station 87.

Anyone with questions may call the Lift Station 87 communications line at 356-8071, the release adds.