Wingspan Productions receives Here4YOUth Mental Health Initiative Grant for activities associated with film ‘Bridge to the Other Side’

$25,000 to cover various aspects of Wingspan’s year-round efforts planned to improve mental wellness in region

The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation have awarded Wingspan Productions Inc. a $25,000 grant from the Here4YOUth Mental Health Initiative to help community residents, the foundations have announced.

Wingspan Productions is a nonprofit educational film company based in Sarasota “that addresses vital issues of our time,” a news release explains. “The grant will fund various aspects of Wingspan’s year-round educational initiative,” including community screenings, discussions and talkbacks, partnerships with community organizations, social media, and resource materials to accompany the new film about mental health, Bridge to the Other Side,” the release says.

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation “has been investing in innovative solutions to improve mental wellness in our region for years,” the release points out.

“Reducing the stigma around asking for help and increasing social support is critical to improving mental health outcomes,” said Jennifer Johnston, director of community leadership at the Gulf Coast Foundation, in the release. “We are thrilled to partner with a successful filmmaker like KT Curran to lift up the voices of young adults and first responders through a powerful feature-length film,” she added in the release. “We can’t wait to see Sarasota on the big screen working together to chart a healthy future for all.”

“Since the pandemic, mental health concerns of children and families in this community have increased 200%,” said Curran, executive director of Wingspan Productions, in the release. “Bridge to the Other Side is a powerful story about first responders as they work to address the rising crisis of mental health,” she continued in the release. “We are so grateful for this generous grant that will help us share not only the film, but valuable mental health resources locally, statewide, and around the world,” Curran continued.

Bridge to the Other Side “was created out of 150 interviews in the community with youth, parents, teachers, police officers, nurses, therapists, firefighters, and agency leaders,” the release explains. “Filmed in Sarasota and Cape Coral, the movie features numerous professional and volunteer actors,” the release adds; it was created by a crew of 55 film professionals, interns and volunteers.

“The film will have its international premiere in Toronto at Commffest Global Film Festival and its national premiere in Los Angeles at Lady Filmmaker’s Film Festival in Beverly Hills,” the release points out. “It will go on to screen nationally with Reel Recovery Film Festival, a national festival that focuses on mental health and addiction, and will premiere in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival in November,” the release notes. “Many local screenings are planned in Sarasota and across Florida in the coming months,” the release says.

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