New publication schedule announced

The Sarasota News Leader was planned from the outset as a weekly publication. This website was a temporary place for our news team to begin disseminating stories of interest to the people of Sarasota County while we completed plans for the publication of the weekly.

Those plans are nearing completion, and we anticipate being able to publish the first weekly eEdition — available on all tablets, readers, smartphones, PCs and Macs — by mid-August.

The weekly eEdition will have all of the elements our readers desire in an informative publication: complete coverage of local news; feature stories; arts & entertainment news; and a community calendar. To assist our news staff in preparing for that, we will be publishing new articles only on Wednesday afternoons, and Thursdays and Fridays, beginning the week of June 11.

Of course, we are not reducing the amount of news we will publish … only the days of publication.

If you have subscribed for immediate, daily or weekly notification of new articles, your notification emails will not be affected.

Thank you for your interest in and support of The Sarasota News Leader. We always will strive to be your best source for news and events in Sarasota County.

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  1. To Rachel & Robert,
    Wishing you the very best of luck and success in your new e-venture, and thanks for your support. What a beautiful rainbow photo next to my article.
    Harriet Cuthbert

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